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Spełnione marzenie - mieszkanie własnego projektu

What the customers gain?

When your customers are in the process furnishing a new apartment, moving into a new home, planning office - often to catch his head at the thought of his device. The program Furniture 3D with your offer make an effort to them needs. 

The "Furniture 3D" is probably the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to design the interior. 

Using very simple tools and a few mouse clicks you can create the new arrangements in an infinite number of versions, choose the best of them,  show family and friends, and then order all the fittings/ adopts used. Interior design can be saved to disk, send by e-mail or print. It's all available under one web application! 

The "Furniture 3D" is a professional solution that allows you to treat the design as fun.

When your customers decorating house they do not want to suffer visions of architects, they want to avoid disputes with contractors.

The "Furniture 3D"program doesn’t impose any limitations and allows for multiple change decisions at every stage of design. It allows for various versions of the furniture on-line and rating of the final result of each of them.

Finished design of products which were utilized for the arrangement can be sent directly to your  showroom. The system automatically generates the files with a list of the  ordered products and will print them at any time. 

In this way you will gather your order and convey the project to direct suppliers, which makes furniture and set up according to plan: in self styled  home, apartment or office.

Thus, designing the interior your customers may also order and purchase all the equipment that was used during the interior: furniture offered by your upholstery and colors, kitchen and bathrooms, floors, carpets... And all with one program


"Sharing Panel"

Your customers can always make their project accessible for family and friends by sending them special link where they will be able to see created in “Furniture 3d” arrangement. People who receive such a link, will have the option to save the project on their computer, they will be able to edit,  enter and delete individual items.

With these qualities the “Furniture 3d” becoming practical and friendly tool for all users at the same time.

See an example of arrangement