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Manufacturers and traders of interior decoration articles, furniture showrooms and exhibition, design studios - all you realize that today it is impossible to do visualize the interior without specialized software.

 However until now, specialist programs were associated primarily with a high degree of complexity for the average user and need to have expertise.

 The "Furniture 3D" outperforms existing solutions in this area not only the ability to access (via the Internet, without any additional software), but also a range of functions, which are practically limitless.

 With a view to your company and your clients we have a universal version of the application "Furniture 3D." Not without significance is the fact that your customers are part of the direct users and recipients of the program.


- We make 3D models of all elements of interior design - so you can present them in an attractive and practical way for the user.
- 3D models we implement the program, where the user puts them directly in the self- styled its interior.
- The application allows for branding your product lines, so that they become recognizable and identifiable by customers.
- All products you can place in any virtual arrangements. Arrangements can be changed in an unlimited way with a few clicks of the mouse.
- With the application “Sharing Panel” work on the arrangment you can carry with a team, regardless of where team members are at the moment. In this way the managers of your company (who are) abide in different regions of the country or the world may in a few seconds make decisions about the appearance of exhibition halls (real or virtual) and the joint debates on such exposures of individual products.


This is just a few examples of uses of the application. The possibility of adding and editing features of "3D models" is practically endless. To make an effort to meet your needs we will prepare a special offer directly tailored to the needs of your business and your customers.


FURNITURE 3D on your website

The whole system, or its chosen solutions have been adapted for direct implementation on your website. In this way you are going across the high demand which is advance by individual customers who have problems with decorating. By integrating a website with the system "Furniture 3D" you raise your level of confidence and substantially affect the business relationship with consumers.

Using the solutions offered by the application "Furniture 3D" you will not only prove not only compatibility with the principle "user-friendly" but gain a significant competitive advantage. The functionality of application solutions, as well as the highest quality, raises the standard of your service and affects consumers' attachment to the brand.


The "Furniture 3D" is designed for companies from home furnishings, but also for individual customers. This simple to use and simultaneously very advanced application that enables consumers to direct placement of your products in their self- styled home or office.


Specially for your customers we will prepare:

* library of products- interior design based solely on your trade offer
* 3D interactive platform showrooms- Your customers will have the unprecedented opportunity to virtual decorate their space using products from your trade offer


It will enable your clients to:

* place order and purchase products directly, which they used in projects arranged
   on your web page or on the media platform in your showroom
* send the approved project directly from the web to your showroom


In response to a request you will:

- generate files with a list of ordered products

- complete your order and send it to the supplier together with the instruction set and assembly of individual elements arranged

selection of the final version products according to your trade offer-  by the application, customers will be able to use the functions to change color, materials and trim (trim, veneer, cabinet handles, door handles, etc.)

- adjustment program to the proposed space- adapt the application to the design such as exhibition stands, restaurant or garden with the creation and implementation of all necessary functions and products.

- design the same interior depending on the needs-  in the case of renting the ballroom, conference room or premises for a single event, we will adapt the application functionality and a list of items of equipment, depending on the needs of your customers.

They will be able to manually arrange the rented space, order the selected items and send the finished project participants of the event. .


This is just a few examples. Expand of the program offerings and its adaptation to individual needs, as already mentioned, are endless.


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